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Can You Lease a Used Car?

So, the time has come to get behind the wheel of something new near Philadelphia, Quakertown, and Doylestown. You’re also thinking that going the pre-owned route may be the most economical route. In many cases, this is going to be true. However, at Fred Beans Auto Loans, we have an even more economical option: why […]

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Three Mistakes to Avoid While Leasing a Car

Short lease terms and zero money down? Sounds like a great vehicle leasing opportunity! However, before you sprint into the dealership to take advantage of this leasing deal, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. It’s easy to get hooked into leasing a new vehicle with the idea of getting your hands on […]

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What Documents Are Required to Get a Car Lease?

If you’re shopping for a new vehicle, you might be wondering if you should buy or lease. Leasing has several advantages over buying a car because it allows you to experience your chosen vehicle with a short-term commitment, but it does require a contract and credit approval to get started. At Fred Beans Auto Loans, […]

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Advantage & Disadvantages of Leasing a Car

  If you’re like most drivers, when you’ve purchased a vehicle in the past, you did so using an auto loan. However, if it’s time for you to invest in your next automobile, it’s a good idea to learn about your different payment options, including leasing.   While it’s not quite as straightforward as applying […]

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Can You Negotiate the Price of a Leased Car?

  Making the decision to add a vehicle to your family is very exciting! Now, it’s time to think about what your leasing options are and you’re probably wondering if negotiating your lease is one of them. To help our customers answer this question, our team at Fred Beans Auto Loans has put together this […]

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Is a High-Mileage Lease Right for You?

Thinking about leasing your next vehicle? That’s wonderful! However, if you drive a lot, you may be considering a high-mileage lease. To give our customers a better idea of what a high-mileage lease is, and what it could mean for your next vehicle lease, our team at Fred Beans Auto Loans has put together this […]

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How Does the Car Repossession Process Work?

If you’re struggling to keep up with your auto loan or lease payments, the idea of vehicle repossession can seem terrifying. However, you can rest assured knowing it won’t happen out of the blue. There are car repossession laws that lenders and dealerships must abide by, and there are even ways to resolve payments issues […]

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