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Car Finance Tools

When you’re searching for your next vehicle, you’re likely considering your budget from all angles. The car finance tools from Fred Beans Auto Loans will help you estimate what your monthly budget may be after your purchase is complete. We offer several tools to help you with this process.

Monthly Payment Calculator

To determine how much you’ll pay each month for your next vehicle, use our monthly payment calculator. You’ll input information such as down payment or trade-in value, estimated interest rate, and the length of the loan to get your estimate.

When using this calculator to determine what you can afford, be sure to consider other costs of owning a vehicle, including fuel, insurance, and regular maintenance costs.

Get a Trade Evaluation

If you would like to trade in your old vehicle when you purchase the next one, you’ll want an idea of what it’s worth as you calculate your budget. To determine this figure, we’ll look through thousands of listings online and compare your vehicle to similar vehicles on the market to determine a fair price for it. Check out our trade-in estimator for a quote that you can input in the monthly payment calculator.

Apply for a Loan

To get the closest estimate on your monthly auto loan payment, your best bet is to fill out a financial application and speak to one of our financing specialists. We have worked with hundreds of customers just like you who want the best financing terms available. We’ll work with our team of lenders to help you get in the best loan rate possible.

Fill out our financing application now and include all of the necessary information. We’ll contact you once we receive it to go over what you want to spend each month then go from there.

If you want to speak to a professional from Fred Beans Auto Loans now, call us at 267-898-1023 or contact us online here. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about the auto loan process and assist you in filling out your loan application.